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Weifang Haihua Development Zone Jintan Harvester Blade Factory is located at the southern end of Luhai Road in Binhai Development Zone. The company was established in 2001 and has modern plants and equipment. 



A backbone enterprise that produces 7 blades for combined harvesting, 7-blade straw mower blades and various accessories


(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturer will show you: how to replace the harvester blade

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(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers tell you that when the wheat is busy again, the wheat harvesting season is coming again. The busiest part of each year at this time is the good helpers of farmers-harvesters and robots, (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade The manufacturer tells you that the preparatory work is the purchase of new harvesters and the maintenance of old harvesters, and the repair and replacement of some accessories related to the harvester, such as harvester blades, harvester blade guards, and harvester cutting. Of prosecution.

customized (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade
(Lower teeth) The manufacturer of Harvester Blade tells you that general harvester blades must be replaced. You can buy a new one and replace it yourself. If you only replace one or a few of them, you can use a grinder to cut off the rivets on which blade you want to replace. , What kind of manual grinder is easy to use? (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturer tells you that if you want to replace all the blades, you must unscrew the screws on both sides of the upper harvester cutter, and put the entire harvester cutter assembly Pull it out. Use new blades to form a new cutter assembly and install it in the original way.
The replacement of such accessories is not a problem for experienced users, but it is not easy for beginners. For details, please consult a harvester accessories (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturer, (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturer for this He is very skilled in technology, you can ask him about the method on the phone or online, and I’m happy to answer it for you and make some contribution to the harvest of farmers.

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