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(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers will show you the importance of maintenance of harvester blades

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(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers tell you to check the movement of the harvester blade transmission mechanism frequently. (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers find that the swing is too large, and they should adjust the bearing clearance or replace the bearing in time.

customized(Lower teeth)Harvester Blade for home user
(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers should pay attention to whether there are hard objects in the fields, such as branches, stones, iron rods, iron wires, etc., to avoid collisions and damage the blades. The blade must be removed from the header every 30-50 hours of work, and the hardened soil and rice debris left on the blade will be removed and cleaned and lubricated by decomposition. (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers should check and adjust to keep the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife at 0-0.5 mm when assembling. After the blade is installed in the header, it should be confirmed that the reciprocating movement is normal before putting it into use. (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers should not cut the stubble too low when harvesting. Generally, the distance between the front end of the divider board and the ground should be about 10 cm. If the crop divider is too low, it is easy to gnaw the mud, the blade is easy to wear, and the crop is easy to be crushed.
The maintenance of the harvester radiator should also be cautious:
(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturer's radiator maintenance-the main reason that affects the efficiency of the combine harvester is that the engine is boiling, and the engine boiling is mostly caused by the serious blockage of the radiator. Therefore, the maintenance of the radiator should be strengthened.
①Maintenance of cover radiator
(Lower teeth) Generally, most combine harvesters of Harvester Blade manufacturers are equipped with hood radiators. Due to the dust and debris in the harvesting operation, the air intake holes of the water tank cover are easily blocked by debris. (Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers should deal with it in time. Rotate the handle on the lower left side of the water cover in the direction of the arrow to make the upper and lower wind deflectors all close the air inlet channels of the water tank. Before shift work, flush the water tank holes with a certain pressure of water to maintain good ventilation.
②(Lower teeth) Harvester Blade manufacturers must clean the rotating filter after the daily operation of the automatic dust collector used in Xinjiang No. 1 and No. 2 combine harvesters. When there is a headwind, clean the water tank holes twice per shift.

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