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Weifang Haihua Development Zone Jintan Harvester Blade Factory is located at the southern end of Luhai Road in Binhai Development Zone. The company was established in 2001 and has modern plants and equipment. 



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688 harvester blade replacement tips

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688 harvester blade replacement is not an easy task for the majority of operators. The current harvester is different from the past. The 668 harvester blade is installed on the header very firmly, especially for those who have no experience in blade operation before. It is very difficult to unload it. The light is time-consuming and there is no harvest, and the heavy is easy. To hurt your hands, it is necessary to master skills.

If the 688 harvester blade is replaced with a single blade, the required skill tool is a hand grinding wheel. With it, the rivets of the blade can be easily punched, so that the blade can be unloaded relatively easily. If you want to replace the whole knife, remove the two fixing screws on the side of the pendulum ring box, and pull them out from the side. Be careful not to use your hands to beat them. Do not use your hands as it is easy to be scratched by the blade.

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