How to buy high-quality Harvester Blade (Side knife) and accessories


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Precautions for the purchase of Harvester Blade (Side knife) and accessories:

Discount Harvester Blade(Side knife)components
1. When purchasing shaft spare parts, check the bearing shaft diameter and shaft straightness.
2. When purchasing Harvester Blade (Side knife), check the knife beam, whether the knife bar is straight and there are several working gaps.
3. The Harvester Blade (Side knife) manufacturer tells you to buy harvester accessories. According to the best brand of accessories, buy spare parts from local accessories franchise points or agricultural machinery accessories companies with formal procurement channels. Remember not to buy "three nos" accessories to prevent counterfeiting The product cannot be used.
4. The Harvester Blade (Side knife) manufacturer tells you to buy spare parts for the harvester, and you must accurately remember the specifications, models and drawing numbers of the original spare parts. If the same type of spare parts, there are certain types of accessories, the manufacturer should try to choose the same products as the original manufacturer to match.
5. When buying, you should choose accessories that are free of cracks, trachoma, scratches, defects, clean and smooth appearance;
6. The Harvester Blade (Side knife) manufacturer tells you to check whether the accessories of various shapes and sizes meet the requirements when purchasing. If the standard size can be determined before purchasing.
After reading the above information, you will have a certain understanding when purchasing Harvester Blade (Side knife) and accessories.


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