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Importance of maintenance of harvester blade

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As an important mechanical part of large and medium combine harvester, the blade of harvester should be maintained frequently to maintain the best side, so as to make full use of the efficiency and improve the economic benefits.

Pay attention to the antirust work of the harvester blade, and let the combine be placed in the large and medium-sized garage or shed as far as possible, so that the harvester blade can prevent the wind and sun; It is also necessary to wipe some oil or antirust paint on the harvester blades from time to time. The working environment of the combine is very bad, so as to make the selection of the harvester blades take a longer time;

In addition, the sludge should be scrubbed before storage to keep the appearance of the combine blade clean. In this way, not only the life of the harvester blade is increased, but also the full potential of the harvester is fully utilized in the operation of the combine.

Always change the oil on time. There are a lot of oxides and metal scraps in the harvester oil for a long time, resulting in extremely low lubrication performance and increased wear of parts. Therefore, we must do a good job of the engine, often on time to change the oil requirements.

Remove the scale before adding water. The harvester operators have the idea of adding water, but they never remove the scale from the water tank, and the cooling effect is poor when there is enough cooling water, which causes all kinds of problems in the harvester.

It is also necessary to remove the oil dirt before changing the oil. There is a lack of common sense in the maintenance of some agricultural aspects. It is necessary to understand that the removal and replacement of lubricating oil does not clean the oil passage. After the application of lubricating oil, many mechanical impurities remain in the oil. Although the lubricating oil is discharged, there will also be impurities in the oil pan and oil passage. If you put it into use so unclearly, it is very easy to cause accidents.

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