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Weifang Haihua Development Zone Jintan Harvester Blade Factory is located at the southern end of Luhai Road in Binhai Development Zone. The company was established in 2001 and has modern plants and equipment. 



A backbone enterprise that produces 7 blades for combined harvesting, 7-blade straw mower blades and various accessories


Purchase items of harvester blade hay knife accessories

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Harvester is a large-scale machine. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing the accessories of the harvester blade hay cutter?

1. Select the manufacturer. When buying harvester accessories, it is best to buy spare parts from a local accessories franchise or a reputable agricultural machinery accessories company with regular purchase channels according to your own harvester brand. Authentic products generally have good packaging quality, complete with certificate of conformity, manufacturer name, factory address, and date of delivery. Remember not to buy "three noes" accessories, in case they are fake and inferior products that cannot be used.

2, the model number. When purchasing harvester spare parts, be sure to accurately remember the model, specifications and drawing numbers of the original spare parts. If possible, it is best to bring the replaced old parts for comparison, so as not to make a mistake. If the parts of the same model are produced by several manufacturers, try to choose products from the same manufacturer as the original to facilitate matching.

3. Appearance. When purchasing spare parts, check whether there are any defects such as blisters, cracks, defects, scratches, rust, etc., and whether the joint surface is smooth, smooth, and whether there are burrs at the transition.

4. Size. Steel tape, vernier caliper and other measuring tools can be used to check whether the installation, fit, shape and size of the accessories meet the requirements.

When purchasing shaft parts, check the shaft diameter and shaft straightness where it fits with the bearing. If there is no sliding caliper, the following method can be used to check the shaft diameter. Take a bearing that matches the shaft diameter, align it on the tested shaft journal, and press it by hand to make it fit in. The force must be uniform and not deflected.

Then judge according to the press-in situation: if it can be pressed to the installation position, it means that the outer diameter of the journal is too small and the fit is too loose; if the journal cannot be inserted, when the hand is separated from the bearing, the bearing will fall from the measured journal If it falls, it means that the outer diameter of the journal is too large and the fit is too tight. The ideal fit is that the inner ring of the bearing can be pressed into the journal for a certain length, the shaft is erected, the bearing is facing down, and the upper end of the shaft is knocked by hand. At this time, the bearing will not fall off from the journal.

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