Repair and maintenance of harvester blades


Repair and maintenance of harvester blades:

1. Before using the harvester blade, we must first check whether the machine has oil, diesel and water, check whether it is charged enough, do everything in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and then make adjustments.

2. For the harvester blade, the first thing we need to do is to check whether the cutting part of the harvester blade is loose, how big the gap between the two blades is, and add lubricating oil in time for the places that are easy to wear.

3. Check whether the threshing cover is excessively worn, whether there is something blocked in the auger, whether the screen has been damaged, and if there are such problems, repair and clean them in time.

4. When inspecting the chassis of the harvester blade, we must use a jack to support the body, and then check the tightness between each track to see if the gap is too large. According to the manual, carefully adjust and overhaul each part to ensure that each All parts are relatively lubricated.

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