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Weifang Haihua Development Zone Jintan Harvester Blade Factory is located at the southern end of Luhai Road in Binhai Development Zone. The company was established in 2001 and has modern plants and equipment. 



A backbone enterprise that produces 7 blades for combined harvesting, 7-blade straw mower blades and various accessories


The manufacturer of 688Harvester Blade will show you how to make the harvester blade last longer

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The 688Harvester Blade manufacturer actually found the method based on many investigations. Taking into account the environment, characteristics, and working speed of the harvester and harvester blades, it was found that the blade was subjected to multiple small energy impacts. 688Harvester Blade manufacturer In order to ensure its long service life, we use carbon tool steel and spring steel to make it. The heat treatment process requires the best combination of blade wear resistance and toughness. 688Harvester Blade manufacturers require the blade to have high hardness and corrosion resistance, maintain the sharpness and wear resistance of the cutting edge, but also have enough strength, rigidity and good toughness to meet its work needs. The service conditions and failure modes of the 688Harvester Blade manufacturer's blades are related to the harvested crops.

customized 688Harvester Blade from China manufacturer
The technical requirements for the heat treatment of the blade are:
Hardness: movable blade 54~58HRC; fixed blade 60~64HRC.
Deformation: straightness ≤0.15mm.
The quenched part of the 688Harvester Blade manufacturer does not allow a decarburized layer, and the hardness meets the technical requirements.
How to make the harvester blades last longer? The main parts on the harvester of the 688Harvester Blade manufacturer need to be maintained and maintained, especially after the operation, the parts must be cleaned. 688Harvester Blade manufacturers can only use it for a longer period of time only if they do a good job of maintenance.

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